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Singen im Gewandhaus Leipzig

Großer Auftritt im Gewandhaus in Leipzig. Der Chor des ASG unter der Leitung von Herrn Heinze durfte heute zum 27. Chorkonzert im Gewandhaus auftreten. Eine tolle Erfahrung für alle. Der Auftritt war einfach super👍👍👍 Gratulation und großes Lob an alle.

Eisenach Gruppenbilder .jpg

Chorlager 2022

Es war wieder einmal soweit. Das alljährliche Chorlager hat nach der Coronapause im September 2022 in Eisenach stattgefunden. Unsere Chorsängerinnen und Chorsänger waren in der Junker Jörg Jugendbildungsstätte untergebracht, wo wir auch genügend Raum zum Üben zu Verfügung hatten. Zwei Tage haben wir gemeinsam gesungen und geprobt.

Das Chorlager endete mit einem Auftritt in der Nikolai Kirche in Eisenach.

Vielen Dank auch an die ehemaligen Chorsänger des ASG, die sich nochmal Zeit genommen hatten, um mit uns gemeinsam zu singen.

                                                                                                                        Sandrine Reisel

Spring concert of the choirs

The ASG school choir was there

Last weekend, Ms. Sunna drove away the winter, not only in Eisenach, but also in Ruhla. Nature is awakening and so the Trinity Association Ruhla is in the process of sweeping out the dust of the last few months and letting the spring-like ray of sunshine through the church windows and doors.

There are two Protestant church buildings in the city of Ruhla. For years, the association has been taking care of the renovation of the St. Trinitatis church on the listed Köhlergasse, which is not used by the parish, true to the motto: Sponge out, culture in. At the start of the annual program tomorrow, Friday, April 5th, several choirs will meet again in the Trinity Church for a powerful spring concert. It starts at 7.30 p.m.

In addition to the singers of the mixed choir from Seebachauch, the men's choir from Laucha, the choir of the Albert Schweitzer-Gymnasium Ruhla, and new this year the church choir group Peter and Paul and Erbstromtal are joining them.

Choir at the ASG

Always on the move, always something going on.

October 2018 -

Review and outlook

In the past school year 2017/18 there were several opportunities for the choir of the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium Ruhla to show the joy of singing together and to present its repertoire. There were internal school appointments such as the opening of the elementary school day in October 2017, the open day in February 2018 and the framing of the Abitur certificate issue in June 2018.

However, there were also public opportunities to delight a wider audience and make an appearance in the region: for the Open Monument Day on September 10, 2017 in the Trinitatiskirche, on October 25, 2017 for a concert after the choir camp in the Annenkirche in Eisenach, as the door of the Living Advent Calendar on December 14, 2017 in the Trinity Church in Ruhla. The highlight, however, was undoubtedly the spring concert in the Trinitatiskirche in Ruhla on May 4th, 2018, at which we sang alongside and together with three other choirs. Because at the end of the concert over 80 singers from the mixed choir from Seebach, the choir of the New Apostolic Church in Ruhla, the choir of the Laucha and the ASG choir were on stage and sang together "The moon has risen". This was a special experience for everyone - participants and audience alike.

I would like to thank all the students, as well as Ms. Kollert, who supported the choir with their commitment, as well as the parents who provided logistical support.

A concert is already behind us this school year: the end of the choir camp in the Junker Jörg youth education center with a performance on October 17, 2018 in the Annenkirche in Eisenach. Further dates have already been set or are still being planned.


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