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Professional orientation

Dear students, dear parents,

In the course level of the grammar school, career and study orientation is becoming more and more important, because study and career orientation means life planning.

A good education and training are the best prerequisites for asserting yourself on the job market. Those who have completed vocational training or a degree are less likely to be unemployed and are better able to adapt to new demands in the further course of their lives.

Almost 330 apprenticeships and 17,000 courses are open to students.

It is important to deal with your skills, career plans and opportunities in the professional world at an early stage. If you consider your own professional future and your individual possibilities in good time, gain experience and experience the professional world, you can make an informed choice.

The school can only act as a guide and cooperation between the school, parents, the Federal Employment Agency and other social institutions is essential.

The following links can help with upcoming decisions:


Contact person

Silke Lehmann
Career counselor
Phone: 03683 69 56221




Visitor address
Schmalkalden Employment Agency
Eichelbach 1
98574 Schmalkalden


Contact person

Belinda Isabelle Schlott LL.M.

Career counselor and

University Coordinator - Team 151

Phone: 03693 853-654




Visitor address

Employment Agency Suhl

Meiningen office

Günter-Raphael-Str. 9a

98617 Meiningen


Contact Person

At the ASG:

Mrs. Manuela Kallenbach

Mrs. Heike Fiedler

Mr. Patrick Wenderoth

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