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"I am the life that wants to live

in the midst of life that wants to live. "

Albert Schweitzer

We support and strengthen our students in their personal development.

It is our goal to give young people in our world orientation and to enable them to play a critical and constructive role in shaping society, which is why we see ourselves especially as companions and supporters in the development of independence for students.

School life is shaped by individual support both during lessons and through activities outside of the classroom. A familiar atmosphere and high-quality behavior are part of our dealings and our school culture.

According to our namesake Albert Schweitzer, our primary concern is to convey joy in learning and performance, to encourage and support our students individually, taking into account their different personalities, in order to prepare them as best as possible for their future lives.

Tafel mit verschiedenen Sprachen

"To experience means to stand up for everything

what is going on in our area,

feel responsible. "

Albert Schweitzer

We work together with our partners in and for the region.

A traditionally high scientific standard should continue to be part of the teaching. The goal to be awarded as a "Thuringian Sustainability School" and the implementation of a large number of projects is therefore part of the school activities over the next few years. Close networking with local media and the trade association should also create awareness in and for the region in this context. In concrete terms, this means for us:

  • Our students take responsibility for the environment

  • We want to raise awareness of our environment and actively participate in environmental protection. (Environmental school)

  • We support our students in their commitment to social institutions.

Betrieb halten

“The deepest community comes from you

common desire. The want is that

Most elementary in our being. "

Albert Schweitzer

We cultivate team spirit and democratic action both in the classroom and in cooperation with students and parents.

The familiar atmosphere and a feeling of security should make it easier for everyone to work together. Pupils, parents and teachers strive for a common and goal-oriented work for the ASG and the region.

We cultivate a nature of appreciation.

Likewise, social learning is important to us, with the active teaching and lively experience of values such as tolerance, honesty and justice being central to us. We see ourselves as a school community in which everyone involved in everyday school life, i.e. parents, pupils and school staff, take responsibility for themselves and us in order to enable a living space that is characterized by mutual appreciation and joy in learning.

Männliche und weibliche Studenten Schula

"I am mainly interested in the future,

because that is the time in which I will live. "

Albert Schweitzer

We offer our students intensive study and professional orientation.

Our primary goal is to optimally prepare our students for their future professional life. We strive that our students not only acquire skills and knowledge during their school career, but also deal with their interests, skills and wishes at an early stage and that we can release them into the world of studies and work with the most concrete possible goals.

Fertig für die Schule

We see ourselves as a learning school - a school in constant development.

We question ourselves and our development steps. We preserve what tradition has developed and proven. We change what needs to be modernized. We advance what needs to be developed. We proceed systematically and goal-oriented in all development steps, because a constantly changing world demands a school that is ready for change.

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