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My way through the ASG



At the Gymnasium Ruhla, the pupils of the 7th grade choose a differentiation branch. This should increase the inclinations and development potentials  

take center stage and offer a contribution to individual advancement. The core lessons remain unaffected. The differentiation takes place over two to three lessons. The previous class group will be reshuffled.

Compulsory elective

Link to elective courses


With passing of pupils in grade 10, the students will automatically receive the high school.

At the end of the 10th grade, the so-called special performance assessment (BLF) takes place. This corresponds to a comparable one  

Mainstream school diploma.

Once the BLF has been passed, the path to the qualification phase of the upper level is free. This ends with the general university entrance qualification.

The path to the Abitur can be broken off through the internal part of the advanced technical college entrance qualification. With a corresponding number of points and a subsequent internship or vocational training , the full technical college entrance qualification  

can be acquired.


The focus of training at the Ruhla grammar school is the acquisition of application-oriented knowledge.

The entire school concept should make a contribution to this.

In addition, there is participation in the "Thuringian Sustainability School" campaign.

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