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The board of directors


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Wartburg savings bank

Support our educational work. Become a member of the Friends' Association or support us via .

Thank you!

To the board of directors

of the association include:


Mr. Darr

1. Deputy:

Mr. Jahn

2. Deputy:

Mrs. Werner


Mrs. Eismann


Mrs. Oßwald


Mrs. Gössel


Mrs. Ruhmann

Friends and supporters of the Gymnasium Ruhla eV

The tasks of the friends' association are to provide all-round support for school life, both materially and ideally. The school climate is not insignificantly influenced by the fulfillment of these tasks, students are encouraged to perform better and their talents and talents are promoted, which ultimately serves the reputation and good reputation of the school.


This year, too, the association supported numerous projects, excursions, school trips and cultural events.

This is what the association donated to us:

  • Support of the annual project days

  • Excursion / trips / hiking days

  • Teaching materials

  • Winter storage

  • Support of current school development projects

  • Promotion AG

  • Projects choir

  • Awards / fees / recognitions

  • financial support

  • social commitment

  • Technical Equipment

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